Beringia’s Community Planning Services

Beringia Community Planning Inc. is an award-winning community planning organization specializing in working with First Nations.

Principal Jeff Cook is a planning facilitator and trainer who, since 1991, has worked with both self-governing and non-self governing First Nations and excels in participatory community planning, in which planning processes are co-designed and led by traditional values.

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Planning Services

P1060826Community Planning: We see community planning as a broad umbrella for a wide range of planning activities focused on community futures, in a comprehensive whole or regarding specific sectors. Regardless of focus, Beringia applies its community-based, participatory approach. Each planning process is designed and led by local community members, with Beringia playing a supporting role with services such as community profiling, capacity building and training, public engagement, decision analysis, implementation support, including monitoring and evaluation.

  • Comprehensive community planning (CCP)
  • Strategic and project planning
  • Land use and sustainability planning
  • Housing, infrastructure and capital planning
  • Community economic development
  • Culture and governance
  • Social and health planning

Community Health Planning: Beringia has experience with specializing community planning processes for community and individual health and healing. This planning can be integrated into larger comprehensive processes. We use holistic, multi-perspective, participatory processes that connect health and healing with land, culture, and community.

Planning with Youth: Beringia focuses on engaging Youth in planning processes. Regardless of the specific focus of a planning initiative, we believe Youth have immensely important voices to contribute given the demographic shift in Canada and the inter-generational trauma as a result of residential school. We work to develop innovative and engaging ways to get Youth involved in planning and have their voices help shape the future of their communities.

Planning Research: Beringia deeply values knowledge exchange and as a result is engaged with numerous research projects aimed at disseminating best practices and lessons learned from planning practice.  This migration of ideas is important not only to help shape Canadian First Nations policy, but to contribute to the capacity building of First Nations and local planners.

  • Participatory research
  • Proposal development
  • Project management, writing and editing
  • Feasibility and business studies
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • Policy and program development

Teaching, Mentorship and Training: Beringia is focused on capacity development, and as a result is engaged in many planning education and learning opportunities.  Beringia prides itself in developing visual, engaging, easy to use planning tools and educational materials.  Workshops are designed to be interactive, experiential and engaging.

  • Developing and teaching planning tools
  • Curriculum development
  • Course instruction
  • Workshop facilitation

Engagement and Advising: Beringia offers services to help bridge First Nations and municipalities or other agencies looking coordinate or co-development official community plans and policy initiatives.

  • Municipal/First Nations relations facilitation
  • Cultural protocol
  • Collaborative governance protocol

Conference Design, Facilitation and SpeakingAs part of Beringia’s commitment to knowledge exchange, Beringia offers services for planning and facilitating conferences and symposiums. Jeff Cook is an engaging and dynamic speaker who has presented at many conferences and events in Canada and abroad.

  • Master of ceremonies
  • Lead facilitation
  • Public speaking
  • Program design and delivery
  • Conference reporting