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Plan Canada 2013 Sandercock, Leonie, Jeff Cook, Leona Sparrow, Larissa Grant (2013): “Indigenizing Planning Education, Decolonizing Planning Practice: first steps“. Plan Canada. Summer Edition. Volume 53, No. 2.
Sharing 98 best practices Beringia Community Planning (2009) “Gaining Momentum: Sharing 96 Best Practices of First Nations Comprehensive Community Planning“. Prepared for the New Relationship Trust, North Vancouver, BC. News release on Nation Talk, October 5, 2009
Plan Canada 2008 Cook, Jeff (2008) “Building on Traditions of the Past: The Rise & Resurgence of First Nations CCP”. Plan Canada. Summer Edition. 2008. Volume 48, No. 2.
plan canada 2008 report Trousdale, William, Jeff Cook and Chief Bob Chamberlin (2008) “Hith Alis Lax Gwa-yas-dums” Moving from Crisis to Hope at Gwa-yas-dums Village, Gilford Island, BC. A Story of Comprehensive Community Planning“. Plan Canada. Summer Edition. 2008. Volume 48, No. 2.
Boothroyd, Peter; Cook, Jeff and Matthew, Nathan (2007) “CCP Functions, INAC’s Roles: Lessons to be Learned from Recent First Nations Experience with Comprehensive Community Planning in B.C“. Prepared for Indian & Northern Affairs Canada. B.C Region.

Sample Community Plans

LSIB 10 year vision Beringia Community Planning (2010) “Can You Hear the Drum Beat? Our 10 Year Vision for Health and Healing“. Created by the Citizens of the Kaska Nation & the Town of Watson Lake.
LSIB cover Beringia Community Planning (2011) “Planning Our Lands, Shaping Our Future: LSIB’s 10 Year Vision for Land Use“. Created by the Lower Similkameen Indian Band.
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